Hi, I am Ganis

Ganis Zulfa Santoso


Hi, my name is Ganis Zulfa Santoso. But you can just call me Ganis!

During the day, I’m working as a coder to pay my bills and in my free time, I still code as well… But once in a while, I’m also playing games (on PC)..

Many moons ago, I coded with JavaScript to create a glittering (literally) personal web page that I only shared with my brother. And then I coded with ActionScript (Macromedia flash remember?), PHP, Java, C, C++, Go, Elixir, Python. Now in my current job at Blibli (one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia), I use Java.

I love to build things! One of them is CodeSaya.com, a project that has been going big and has been covered by national TV and newspaper. In CodeSaya we have more than 100 thousand registered users! The service is completely free but some people are paying real money to get extra features! I’m proud of it and thankful for the people that I met on the road. The platform is still working but unfortunately, I can’t maintain it anymore.

I’ve also dabbled with Crypto (as in Bitcoin-Crypto). I’ve built an app on top of the Ethereum blockchain but I won’t disclose it here to keep my blockchain persona a secret. I’ve also built a triangular arbitrage bot to earn some guaranteed profits (unfortunately a short stint).

I guess that’s all about me! Nice to meet you, a stranger on the internet! I hope you enjoy your visit!



My weekend projects:

  • CodeSaya.com – an interactive programming learning platform
    • Python (Django), Bootstrap, JQuery, QEMU
  • HargaTurun.com – a marketplace price tracker website
    • Go, Sveltekit, TailwindCSS (DaisyUI), CapRover
  • Terhemat.com – a marketplace price comparison mobile app (inactive)
    • Go (Beego), React Native (Expo), Bitbucket Pipelines, Google Cloud Run
  • FootballTitan.com – an online football management game (inactive)
  • AngkutanUmum.com – a public transportation route searching platform (inactive)

My other accounts: