Introducing HargaTurun – Marketplace Price Tracker for Indonesia Marketplaces

How It Looks Like..


So, due to the global shortage of chips worldwide, the price of many electronic products isn’t making sense. For example, the MSRP of PS 5 is 399 USD but, due to the shortage, you have to shell out more than 800 USD to get one! The situation for GPU cards is much worse, the price in the market can be 3 or 4 times the MSRP price!

As a patient and optimistic person, I believed the situation will be better in the future so I held out and didn’t fall into the scalper’s hand! So almost every day, I regularly check the prices of those products in my local marketplace. I was like, “..there’s should be an app or something to do this?”. Unfortunately, the marketplace doesn’t have this feature and there’s no such service for the Indonesian marketplaces. That’s how HargaTurun is born!

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