Applying Schengen Visa in Austrian Embassy

This might be helpful as Austrian embassy’s website in South Korea is written in either Korean or German.

Look at these two documents which I got from them for requirements:

Embassy’s location: Kyobo Bldg., 21 Floor, Sejongdearo 166 Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-714 (at Gwanghwamun station exit no 4)

Things that I learnt:

  • Don’t go to Busan’s office, they don’t accept visa application. It is mentioned in their main website for immigration.
  • If possible, bring cash in small changes as well. It happened to me that I brought 100,000 KRW but they didn’t have changes so I had to go out of the building and look for it by myself. I bought some coffee in a convenient store inside Gwanghwamun station.
  • It is mentioned in the documents: “Two recent colour passport photographs”. I brought those but they said that they were too small. Luckily there was a photo box in Gwanghwamun station. I selected the visa’s size and printed it. Probably what they meant was my face on the picture was too small on passport size. But just to be safe, print the visa size also. And bring 10,000 won cash to use the photo box, they accept t-money also, but I haven’t tried.
  • If you are going with your spouse to Europe, better to print the copy of marriage certificate and bring it also. I got a call next day asking me to email that to them.
  • In Business requirement, it mentioned “+ at least 15 days.” for travel insurance. I emailed them about this and this is what they said: “If you would bring an insurance with a validity ‘+at least 15 days’ of your planned returning date, then we would be able to extend the validity of your visa for these 15 days.” So I just ignored it because I don’t need my visa to be extended by 15 days.
  • Bring your own pen to fill the form, they have two pens there but maybe they won’t be enough if it is crowded.

This was my experience, hopefully this will be helpful! I would like to give big thank to the lady behind the counter~ she was very kind and patience in handling us! Also to the one that replied my emails!

At the moment I am waiting for the answer of my visa application.

Edit February 8th: They said that the visa application process requires up to 3 weeks (21 days). At day 19th, I called them and they said my visa is ready. In visa it is printed that my visa was issued at day 11th after I applied.

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