Don’t use Path’s API

Path is a very popular social network in Indonesia. As an app owner dedicated for Indonesian market, it makes sense if I want to use Path’s API to further expand the usage of my app. And the more apps in the interweb using their API, the better it is for Path. But strangely, Path doesn’t seem to be care.

I have integrated my app to Path and it is working now, but I can’t use it in production because they are still reviewing my app. I have contacted as pointed by their documentation to inform path to approve my app, but I have received no reply. And it has been 13 days even though their automatic response email said a person will reply within 2 business days. I have consulted their help/service/faq page but no mention about API approval process so I submitted an email trough that page, but still no reply. I have tweeted to their twitter account, but again no reply. Their twitter account seems to be inactive as well. An explanation of why they are still reviewing my app, whatever it is, would be nice.

It is infuriating for a developer to have spent the already limited time and money to use one’s API and finally not be able to use it. I would suggest Path to put a big sign in their documentation that their API is not usable as for now so they wouldn’t waste people time.

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