in folder conf, you will find a file named modules.list. in here, it is the list of modules that will be compiled and generated into ISO.

default-kernel fiasco -serial_esc
default-bootstrap bootstrap

entry hello
  roottask moe –init=rom/hello
  module l4re
  module hello

in “entry XXX”, the XXX is the name of entry, when we are going to generate the ISO, we simply call it by “make grub2iso E=XXX …”

default-kernel, default-bootstrap, default-roottask,… will set the default for each entry if it is not defined.

module XXX is loading the name of the modules into ISO, you have to re build the L4 again to make any changes. rebuild the l4 will not delete any previous built package, if any.

roottask -init  is the initial task, i m still figuring it out on how it works.

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