trying clntsrv example in L4

in module.list

entry trial
  kernel   fiasco -serial_esc
  roottask moe rom/clntsrv.cfg
  module   l4re
  module   ned
  module   clntsrv.cfg
  module   ex_clntsrv-server
  module   ex_clntsrv-client

update 1: I have found out also that the order of module even the roottask seems to be not a problem so far

in command

” …. MODULE_SEARCH_PATH=pkg/examples/clntsrv/:<fiasco build dir>….”

been trying the other examples, but having an exit in “Ned: ERROR: rom/ex_aliens:1: unexpected symbol near ‘char(127)'” always

update 2: the other examples that have cfg files tend to work as well. only those without the cfg will not work. maybe we have to create our own cfg in order for them to work.

2 thoughts on “trying clntsrv example in L4

  1. hello, How do I get dynamic input in the same clntsrv program?Is scanf() the only option or something else can be done?

    thanks in advance

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