From Dropbox to SMTPLib

Previously used Dropbox to automatically backup my website (CodeSaya) to the cloud, but unfortunately it’s taking too much resources for my 5 USD vps in DigitalOcean. Even after nice and cpulimit. So instead, I wrote a simple python script to mail me the files every night. In my mailbox I put them to trash automatically so my inbox wouldn’t be cluttered. And since the mails in trash will only be deleted automatically after 30 days, I still have my backup files for the last 30 days. At the moment this strategy is working since (1) I do full backup so having only the last 30 wouldn’t matter and (2) the backup file size is still under the limit. I welcome suggestions.

edit: my definition of cloud in here is in some other storage outside the website’s VPS.

edit 2: i am using rsync now

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